We are made of four elements (and more) that shape and compose our lives, our feelings, our fears, our joys, etc.. 

My painting is inspired by WaterEarth, Air and Fire, it expresses all of them and they also influence it. 
If I pay "Tribute to Piraneze" by putting it under the theme Earth, it is because from my point of view, this architect deals with that element, but his famous etchings of prisons, which impressed me, suggest also the darkness and the dampness with their gloomy perspectives. For this reason, my canvas could have also been registered, by contrast, under Water or Air

It depends. 


"Dominica" inspired by this island situated in the Caribbean which is crossed by more than three hundred rivers, is the reflection of all these cascades of water, when it is experiencing the Fire of theTropics at the same time... 

Elements are the link in my painting, they do not constrain it, they give me freedom. 

It is in the process of this exploration that I began to look for a fifth element. What could it be other than Space

An area that attracts and gathers, which synthesizes everything, but that is always in motion. Timeless. 

The black sand beaches found in the Pacific at Gorgona (Panama) and at Mele in Efate (Vanuatu) have inspired my approach: black, synthesis of all my colours,

the sand and its “traces, on the gone sea”... 

Water, earth, fire, air, space surround us and often enslave us … that must eventually be transcended. The five elements that I keep exploring, form the necessary steps to my quest for a new dimension that attracts me. 

I call it consciousness; it relieves my burdens and is proving full of surprises ... 

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