I was working on the themes of water, air, earth, fire ...

The four elements.

This led to a series of paintings to which I have given these titles.

But the world surrounding me was not solely made of those.

Space and time called out to me as well.


But how does one paint space?

But how does one paint time ?


With words? scientists already worked on that.

But with colors? Or materials?


One day, while I was walking along Gorgona, one of the prettiest beaches in Panama, I saw some extraordinary things left on the sand by the sea flowing back




Sublimated, enhanced by the play of light


And these animalcules coming out of the sand, bubbling...


As if I were witnessing the beginning of the world

As if life was in motion

Calling for my attention

Drawing destinies

A whole Symbol

Only symbols

Giving life to Life.


Recollecting other sands of other beaches

in the Caribbean or in the Pacific

I tried to reproduce the feeling of fulfilment I felt then

Watching life arising and passing by.


Out of all the colors that I used before, black and gray emerged as  the synthesis which imposed itself on the Timeless...