Dominique Roblot - who signs her works with a simple DR -

is not strictly speaking an abstract painter,although her works are not figurative. 

DR plays with the matter (medium, colors and pigments) and  the tools (brushes, knives, fingers!) to complement or transcend - on the spur of the moment - the reality of the world that surrounds her or her fantasies ... or her imagination. We are therefore far from the abstraction but in the heart of a personal cosmos where one can perceive anxiety (sometimes), panic (rarely) but mostly jubilation and pleasure.
Look closely at her paintings - the error would be to fly over -

they are inhabited by a thousand of forms, a thousand of faces, and as many silhouettes, at the same time grotesque, evanescent,sublimated but always present.    


Pictures of fire, water, plants inflame the canvas, invade it, flow into it, and incite the viewer to deal with his own view of the world.

DR imprints at the same time her rage or her joy, she tears and caresses or puts in order  ideas, plans or design in repeated patterns that are found from one canvas to another, more or less obsessively, always similar and different.


Dominique.R has added a fifth element to the four that have enabled her to define her new approach. Earth, fire, air and water are now transcended by a movement that encompasses and exceeds in fact a continuum of space and time. 

Her ambition which she has achieved in my view, is to make the four elements free of the threat they contain or the quality we attribute to them (the fire burns but it purifies, water quenches thirst but can cause drowning, etc.).. All of these paintings are inscribed in space called timeless : the space, here, like time has no limit and it is only the energy it radiates that defines it. The image represents nothing else than itself, overflowing the frame, with no other limit that its emotion.

In this series Dominique.R asserts herself and is painting with a movement displaying fullness, fulfilment and perfect mastery … of the elements ....

Because if you look carefully, in the timeless, you find water, earth, air and fire but this time developing in a state both spacious and free of obstacles. (Mutien Marie)




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